Gallery Director

logo-blacklg3The Edward S. Curtis Gallery is the oldest gallery devoted to the work of Mr. Curtis. We invite you to peruse through our redesigned web page. We have many things to offer you. Among the new additions, we are adding voice interviews with the three children of Edward Curtis. The gallery conducted these personal interviews in October of 1980. Florence Curtis Graybill, Katherine “Billy” Curtis Ingram, the youngest daughter and their brother Hal shared deep insight into the life of their father. The Curtis children have all passed on and this interview with them may be the last interview conducted with his children. We will be changing the interview each month. So be sure to visit our web page periodically to hear more about Mr. Curtis and his life as a photographer, artist and historian.

The gallery director, Kirk A. Rudy, has been intimately involved with Curtis ‘ work since 1970. Mr. Rudy has lectured and organized exhibitions from Perth, Australia, the Far East, North America, and Western and Eastern Europe. Perhaps the largest exhibition took place at the prestigious Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. Where over twenty-five Journalists including major television crews covered this exciting event. This same European exhibition is being boxed and crated for shipment to the United States for future exhibitions. You can check this web page for the city and date of the next event.

James Bratrud MFA
Art Director Saint Vincent’s
San Rafael, CA